Alumna and Student Teachers Thrive in the Classroom

by LBC Marketing

November 17, 2021

As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approach, many reflect on the blessings that abound even during challenging seasons. Two members of the LBC | Capital family in particular have leaned on their education and faith to not only get through tough times but to flourish in their roles as educators.

Camryn Horst (’21) began teaching in August 2021 at Blue Ball Elementary School in New Holland, Pa. Camryn’s ability to meet her students where they are comes from the professors she had at Lancaster Bible College and from her mother, Cheri Horst, who also coached Camryn during her four-year women’s lacrosse career at LBC.

“Meeting students where they are is extremely important in education,” Camryn explained. “Being involved with their lives and getting to know each one is critical when trying to meet student’s needs. My professors showed me how to be passionate and caring toward students, and I grew up watching my mom help others, which instilled in me an early love of teaching.”

Camryn’s love of teaching has been strengthened in her first months at the elementary school, as she realizes the impact she can have as an educator.

“The students drive me to be the best teacher I can be,” Camryn said. “You never know what their life experiences are.  I could be the only positive influence in their world. Knowing the impact I can have makes me want to be better so they can feel loved and worthy.”

Shea Richardson (’22) is using his college experience to not only learn from his professors, but quickly apply their lessons to his own classroom as a student teacher this semester.

“I love that my experience at LBC is all connected,” Shea explained. “Our professors are extremely wise, More than teaching facts, the life-on-life and relational aspect to their teaching is so important. I am able to take that with me into my classroom and apply it to the students I am teaching.”

Shea is securing knowledge in the classroom and on the field of play as well.  He recently finished his fourth and final season with the Lancaster Bible men’s soccer team.

“Like my professors, Men’s Soccer Head Coach Tom Ardt treats all of us with dignity and care, and specifically tailors his teaching to our position and skill,” Shea said. “That, too, is something I am using in the classroom, as I treat students with respect and dignity, and do my best to tailor my teaching to their needs.”

Camryn and Shea are just two examples of the Life-on-Life education our students are experiencing in many different ways. From in the classroom, to online, to the field of competition, our students are well prepared to proclaim Christ in the Church and society.

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