The Way It Was | Exploring the ’80s

by Zach Freeman

April 29, 2021

Posted: April 29, 2021

The Way It Was | Exploring the ’80s

by Zach Freeman
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The April 2021 installment of “The Way It Was” takes us back to the late 1980s, as LBC | Capital was growing and full of life. There was construction around the college as well as fun times on and off campus. Through it all, there was a love of the Lord, a desire to grow spiritually and service to one another.

This month’s look back features the years 1985-1989, as Dr. Gilbert Peterson was in the heart of his 20-year run as LBC | Capital President. Construction on the Sebastian Academic Center was in full swing during the 1988-89 academic year, and campus events like the pig roast and Homecoming were celebrated with great enthusiasm.

The LBC | Capital Athletic Department saw growth in the mid- to late-1980s, as women’s volleyball was added to the catalog of sports. The team was terrific right away, as the Chargers won the 1987 NCCAA East Region Championship in just its second season. In addition to the women’s volleyball team, men’s basketball player David Green played during the 1986-87 and 87-88 seasons and put together two of the finest years in program history. The London sisters, Jill and Jodi, were also on campus during the late 1980s, and each scored over 1,000 points during their basketball careers.

All four yearbooks during this time were put together terrifically. One of the photos in this month’s gallery features the 1986 Ichthus staff, and it is evident in each of the yearbooks that there was significant care and thought put into the creations.

Enhanced technologies also came to LBC | Capital throughout the 1980s, and another one of the photos in this month’s gallery features two students playing a computer game in the small computer lab that was set up in the old library.

This month’s “Tales from Eden Road & Beyond” podcast features current LBC | Capital President Dr. Thomas L. Kiedis. Dr. Kiedis recaps his first 15 months as president and talks about the love he has for the Lancaster campus as well as its students, staff and faculty.

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