Three Local Church Members with LBC Connections Host Their Own Faith-Based Podcasts

by Joan Kern for LNP | LancasterOnline

November 16, 2022

(This article was originally published in LNP | LancasterOnline on Nov. 12, 2022.)

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Greg Schmalhofer, Monica Kirsch and Mark Farnham have a lot in common.

Faith is a driving force in each of their lives. They worship at Calvary Church in Manheim Township.

And they all host a podcast encouraging worshippers in their faith, each offering a different perspective.

three podcasters in a recording studio

From left, LBC Professor Dr. Mark Farnham, Monica Kirsch (’15) and Greg Schmalhofer, all podcasters, pose at Calvary Church. / Photo by BLAINE SHAHAN | LNP Staff Photographer

Schmalhofer’s [a former LBC instructor] podcast, “The Hope Recovery Podcast,” began in September. It follows his books, “The Hope Recovery Devotional: There is Always Hope with God,” released in November 2021, and “The Twelve Keys of Faith: How to Be Successful in Recovery by Embracing Key Biblical Truths,” released in June 2022. His main focus is helping people recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

Kirsch, Calvary’s worship programming assistant [and a 2015 LBC graduate from the Worship Arts program], began a four-week podcast series on Advent focusing on hope, joy, love and peace in 2021. At the urging of the elders of the church, Kirsch is continuing with “Pursuing Life Podcast,” which focuses on staff members telling stories that celebrate God’s work.

Farnham has been a professor at Lancaster Bible College and a member of Calvary for 10 years. He began his podcast, “Apologetics for the Church: Every Believer Confident,” in 2019. The latest one is “Two Ways to Move to the Next Level When Engaging Unbelievers.” He is the author of “Every Believer Confident” and “Talking about Ethics” and is working on “Talking about World Views.”

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