What’s it like to be a Doctoral Student?

by LBC Marketing

July 5, 2017

Posted: July 5, 2017

What’s it like to be a Doctoral Student?

by LBC Marketing

Collin Outerbridge the lead pastor of Nona Church in Orlando, Florida and a current student in the Doctor of Ministry in strategic leadership program at LBC | Capital. As a husband, father of four, pastor and accomplished scholar, we asked him to share with us how he balances work, life and ministry – and how LBC | Capital is helping him to do just that. Here, Outerbridge gives us an insider’s look on what it’s like being a doctoral student.

1. How did you hear about LBC | Capital?

A trusted friend shared with me his positive experience as a DMin student at LBC | Capital when he heard I was exploring doctoral studies. The passion he displayed for the program inspired me to apply.

2. Why did you choose our Doctor of Ministry program?

The program provided a perfect mix of strong academics, world-renowned professors, and a relational focus through the cohort model that was extremely appealing.

3. How have you handled working in full-time ministry while also being a student?

I have found the workload to be reasonable because so much of what we do in class is directly applicable to my ministry. Capital does a masterful job at navigating the intersection of strong academics with practical ministry.

4. How has what you’ve learned in your classes affected the way you do ministry?

Many of our key organizational questions have been influenced or answered by the content of our classes over the past year. I see a direct correlation between some of our momentum and the content I have processed in our classes.

5. What’s the most valuable thing you’ve gleaned from your classes so far?

The most valuable thing I have gleaned is an increased capacity for vision and leadership. Interacting with world-class leaders and content has helped me grow in incalculable ways, and our church is the better for it.

6. What advice do you have for other working professionals or ministry leaders who are thinking about earning their doctoral degree?

Make sure you select a program that is designed for full-time professionals. LBC | Capital’s Doctor of Ministry program is superb at understanding these nuances and designing a program that meets our unique needs.

7. What do you appreciate most about the DMin program?

A program is only as strong as the quality of its people. My classmates and professors in my cohort have radically shifted my paradigm and helped me become a better leader. I am a better husband, father and pastor because of their investment in my life.

8. What’s one way that God has challenged you during your studies?

I was prepared for the academic work of the doctorate, but was surprised by the amount of heart work I would experience. God has used the DMin at LBC | Capital to fill my soul in ways that have had a profound impact on who I am as a leader. I have truly been ministered to through the program.

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Want to learn more about our strategic leadership program?

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