What’s Online Learning Really Like?

by LBC Marketing

August 10, 2021

Posted: August 10, 2021

What’s Online Learning Really Like?

by LBC Marketing

A man working on a laptop.

If you’re considering earning an online degree from Lancaster Bible College, chances are, you’re asking yourself a lot of questions.

“What’s it like to earn a degree online?”

“Am I tech-savvy enough to figure it out?”

“What will online classes be like?”

We’re here to put your fears to rest, debunk some common myths and clear up some misunderstandings about online education.

1. Are online classes easier than face-to-face courses?

Our online classes and coursework are just as rigorously academic as any course or program you would take on campus. The challenge of online coursework is that it requires an additional level of good time management, organization and self-motivation to complete assignments. Because these programs are online, you don’t have in-class meeting time to keep you accountable for completing your assignments.

2. Do I have to come to campus for any of my online classes?

No! That’s the beauty of online degrees – everything you do is completely online. That means you can access LBC’s world-class biblical higher education from almost anywhere in the world – no o-campus class time required or needed. If you do live nearby Lancaster Bible College, you are welcome to stop by!  Use our library, stroll across campus or enjoy a beverage from one of our cafes.

A woman working at a laptop. 3. Is there a required time each day that I need to be logged into my classes?

No, you do not have to log on to your learning management system at a particular time each day to “attend” an online class virtually. Lancaster Bible College’s online undergraduate degrees are designed to be compatible with a busy adult learner’s schedule. We know that most likely includes working a full-time job, raising a family, serving in church and any number of other responsibilities. Trust us: you can do this.

4. How much time should I expect to spend on my online classes each week?

Expect to spend about 20 hours of work a week on your online courses. Readings, PowerPoints, professor lectures, discussion boards, papers and activities must all be done independently throughout the week. You will be expected to communicate with the professor and other students in the course via a variety of assignments. Each course will have a different amount of required work, and each professor determines how the your work is divided over each eight-week class. Some professors may require more reading while others require more hands-on assignments.

5. If I only take one course at a time, am I still eligible for financial aid?

Yes, you are considered a full-time student in Lancaster Bible College’s online program when you take just one course at a time, which means you’re also eligible for financial aid.

6. How long are online courses?

Each course is eight weeks long, which allows you to focus on one course at  a time. Because the courses go by rather quickly, you’ll need to stay active in the course week by week to be successful.

A man working at a laptop on a picnic table. 7. How do I participate in the online courses?

You will participate in your online classes via an online learning management system, where you’ll interact with fellow students via forums (which function as class discussions), along with other modes of engagement.

8. Is there academic support available for online students?

Students enrolled in online courses will be assigned a personal academic advisor who will work with them on a customized degree plan. This advisor will also available to support students throughout their time at LBC.  Academic support through the Ally Center, IT Help Desk and library services is also available to the online student at no cost.

Ready to begin your first course at LBC as an online student?

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Ready to begin your first course at LBC as an online student?

Get started today!

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