LBC’s Strategic Plan

2024-2026 Strategic Plan

Vision for the Strategic Plan

Strengthening the foundation that will enable us to be the leader
in collaborative, contextualized biblical higher education
in the U.S. and around the world.

Ready in Every Season

See how our campus community is coming together to realize the goals and outcomes of the Strategic Plan in order to ensure that LBC | Capital remains a vibrant living and learning community for the next 90 years.

Delve Deeper into LBC’s Strategic Plan

Readiness hinges on being stewards, maximizing and multiplying God’s resources. Readiness is being present in good times and hard, when experiencing favor and enduring difficulties. Readiness is being nimble, never compromising, always focused on Christ, always tuned to the work of the Spirit, understanding the times and adjusting to what needs to be done; prepared to prune, willing to change, willing to risk, always with the goal of continuing to educate Christian students to think and live a biblical worldview and to proclaim Christ by serving Him in the Church and society.


The principles that drive our actions and decisions


We apply God’s Word to all of life.


We maximize and multiply God’s resources.


We work with others to accomplish our mission.


We strive to continually improve to give God our best.


We serve others to bring out their best.

Please direct any questions about the Strategic Plan to the President’s Office.