Clubs, Organizations, Activities

Student Clubs, Organizations, and Activities

LBC invites you to share your talents and interests with the LBC community! Try out for a musical group, play for one of our Charger teams, grow your leadership skills in student government, or join one of our many student organizations. Participating in a club or activity is a great way to make friends and develop your unique gifts!

Student Government & Other Councils
  • Student Government Association. Officers elected annually from the student body; represents students’ interests, encourages self-government, and promotes responsibility, loyalty, and cooperation among students and in their relations with faculty, staff, and the administration of the college.  
  • Class organizations. Every class has an advisor, class president, vide president, and secretary/treasurer
  • Resident Affairs Council
  • Commuter Affairs Council. The council promotes fellowship and spiritual life among commuter students, furthering commuter interests, and meeting commuters’ unique needs.

Athletics –

  • Intercollegiate – varsity sports include:
    • Men’s Sports
      • Baseball
      • Basketball
      • Cross Country
      • Golf
      • Soccer
      • Tennis
      • Volleyball
    • Women’s Sports
      • Basketball
      • Cross Country
      • Field Hockey
      • Golf
      • Lacrosse
      • Soccer
      • Softball
      • Tennis
      • Volleyball
  • Intramural – a variety of intramural athletics is offered through the school year
  • Ultimate Frisbee Organization (UFO) attracts students interested in participating in intramural Ultimate Frisbee. Tournaments on campus and off campus are made available.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) – for students wanting to come together to discuss sport & Christianity.
Music and Theater Organizations
  • Musical groups
    • LBC Chorale
    • Chamber Singers
    • Handbell Choir
    • Musical Theater
    • Worship Choir
    • Worship Teams
    • Vocal Ensembles
    • Symphonic Ensemble (Orchestra)
    • Symphonic Winds (Band)
    • Instrumental Ensembles
    • Lancaster County Jazz Company
    • Charger Pep Band
Fellowships & Clubs
  • Activities & Campus Events (ACE) – provides opportunities for all students (ie. Barn Party, Spirit Week, Christmas Banquet, Spring Formal, LBC’s Got Talent, Coffee Houses & more)
  • ICHTHUS (the Greek word for “fish,” which constitutes an acrostic for “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior”) is the LBC yearbook, produced by a student staff under LBC staff supervision. A yearbook will be ordered for all full-time students carrying twelve or more credits each semester (consecutive fall and spring semesters). Students carrying less than twelve credits per semester must contact the yearbook office to order a book.
  • International Student Fellowship is open to all international, missionary, third culture, and diplomatic corps students. The group seeks to encourage each other through caring, sharing, and fellowship.
  • Student Missionary Fellowship seeks to emphasize effectively and constantly the challenge of missions through its regular meetings, prayer groups, chapel services, and annual Maximum Impact Conference (Missions Conference).
  • Mini-THON
  • Thrive
  • Mission 3:30
  • Social Work Student Organization
  • Sport Management Student Association
  • Early Education Student Association 
  • Perspectives from the Front Pew
  • Charge Student Journal is for students interested in promoting the arts (writing, art, photography, etc.)

Special Leadership Training for Students

Our Student Affairs Office is committed to provide opportunities for students to gain the skill and art of leadership among your peers. LeadNow is a group program to provide student leadership training. Learn more