Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress applies to all students enrolled at Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School and must be met in order to maintain financial aid eligibility. The requirements for the college’s Satisfactory Academic Progress are different for each academic level and are presented in detail in the college catalogs. Below is a brief summary.

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Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements Summary

Qualitative Requirement: Grade Point Average

Grade Point Average (GPA) that must be maintained in order to be eligible for federal financial aid:

 Undergraduate Credits Passed Minimum Cumulative GPA
up to 29 credits 1.70 GPA
30 credits and above 2.00 GPA
Graduate Studies Program Required Minimum Cumulative GPA
Graduate Masters 3.00 GPA
Seminary Programs 2.50 GPA
Doctoral Programs 3.00 GPA

Quantitative Requirement:

Students must successfully complete a minimum of 67% of the credit hours attempted after each semester.

Maximum Time Frame for Completion of Education Objective:

Students must complete their degree program within 150% of the published length of their degree program.

Evaluation of Academic Progress

Students’ academic progress will be reviewed at the end of each payment period (semester.) Students who are not successfully meeting the minimum levels, as outlined above, have not made satisfactory academic progress.

Appeal Process

Students may appeal financial aid termination status. Appeals may be completed through the online portal on and must include appropriate documentation.

For complete details on the Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements visit your academic level catalog.