5 Reasons Why Art & Media Should Matter To Christians

by Dr. Michael Freeman

June 25, 2018

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1. We are made in the image of a Creator.

Therefore, we can’t help but create. Some artists create in canvas or clay… ink or iron… pastry or pixels. Whatever medium used, every creative impulse can be a worshipful recognition of our Creator.

2. Our Good Father endowed us with the capacity to appreciate beauty.

Something of the creator is always reflected in the creation. As we create and consume beautiful things, out of the materials and forces God has provided, we participate in the ever-expanding narrative of His beauty and goodness and contribute one more piece of evidence that testifies to His love for us.

3. Christ was the God of the Universe – telling stories to His children.

Jesus often taught in parables, interweaving the culture and people of His day with the wisdom and morality of His Father. This is the Creator of our intellect, the one who knit us together, revealing the mind of God in story-shaped glimpses. This is how we were formed and why we still create and share stories through art and media as we make sense of the complex world around us.

4. The mass media have become the great storytelling engine of our time.

Media and art are often narrative by nature. They exist to tell a story, even if that story only says, “I was here.” If we want to know about the culture we live in, we have to become familiar with the stories being told through media and the arts.

5. Art and Media provide a window into the diversity of human voices and experiences.

And so it comes full circle. To know God is to know His creation… humankind. Each new voice, revealed though art and media, adds to the complexity of a choir that sings of the majesty and creativity of God.

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