6 Reasons to Study Education at LBC

by LBC Marketing

March 21, 2023

Posted: March 21, 2023

6 Reasons to Study Education at LBC

by LBC Marketing

Is your dream to become a teacher, education administrator, professor or instructor? At Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School, we prepare students to be professional educators who do much more than simply teach the curriculum. Whether they graduate with bachelors, masters or doctoral degrees, our students are equipped to enlighten and educate the whole student: mind, heart and soul.

Here are six great reasons to study education LBC | Capital:

1. You’ll Get Started in the Classroom Right Away

The best way to figure out if teaching is the right career for you is to spend time in classrooms and with students, right? We think so, too, which is why education majors step into the classroom very early in their studies at LBC | Capital. Plus, our faculty members visit student teachers in their classrooms every other week, offering helpful feedback and encouragement to up-and-coming educators.

2. The Bible is Integrated into Every Course

LBC | Capital’s Education Department has a mission to “prepare and disciple students to be reflective, relational and relevant practitioners who think biblically to impact the educational community.” While not every class at LBC is strictly a Bible class, a biblical worldview is central to our entire curriculum, regardless of major, thereby equipping students to be grounded in their faith and make impact in whatever field they choose—business, counseling, communication, ministry, the arts and education.

3. Experience Teaching at Christian Schools, Public Schools and More

So many options exist for educators after graduation. At LBC | Capital, we believe in giving our students ample opportunities in field placements to get exposed to diverse educational settings, including Christian schools, public schools, daycare, preschools and Montessori academies, and in a variety of subjects: early childhood, middle level education, health & physical education and into post-secondary educational experiences.

4. Faculty Are Invested in Students’ Lives

Lancaster Bible College is committed to a Life-on-Life philosophy. What does that mean? To faculty and staff, students are so much more than a number. Professors invest personally in each student and care for the whole person—not just their grades and projects. For all academic departments, including education, our faculty members are seasoned experts in the field and bring that expertise to the classroom as well as to student mentor relationships.

5. Online Post-Baccalaureate Certificates Now Available!

Over the course of just one year in 2022, LBC | Capital launched 25 new online programs, among them several Master of Education degrees (see Reason #5) as well as two online Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Programs.

These programs are designed for individuals who already have a bachelor’s degree and would like to be certified to teach in the state of Pennsylvania. It is not necessary to complete a second degree in order to be certified to teach in the state. Furthermore, the online delivery format of for this certification through LBC | Capital provides flexibility while allowing students to work at a pace that fits their life stage.

To become certified in Early Childhood Education or Health & Physical Education, students complete 46 additional credits, or about 15 online courses. All students seeking teacher certification must also complete a 16-week student teaching course in person within Pennsylvania, in accordance with Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements.

Some schools or employers may even offer to help pay for teacher certifications.

6. Earn a Master’s or Doctorate 100% Online

In some of LBC | Capital’s educational programs, students can work toward their degree in a 100% online setting. These include several masters programs and one doctorate:

What are you waiting for? Explore all the avenues in LBC | Capital’s Education Department.


What are you waiting for? Explore all the avenues in LBC | Capital’s Education Department.