5 Great Benefits of Taking Online Summer Courses at LBC | Capital

by LBC Marketing

February 2, 2023

Posted: February 2, 2023

5 Great Benefits of Taking Online Summer Courses at LBC | Capital

by LBC Marketing

The summer months may seem like the perfect time to take a break from college classes, but summer courses actually have many benefits, such as saving time and money, being more likely to finish a degree and more.

Over the past several years, Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School has offered a growing number of online courses and programs at various educational levels—from associate to doctoral. In fact, in fewer than 12 months in 2022, LBC | Capital rolled out 25 new online programs!

Because of LBC | Capital’s convenient eight-week online class structure, students can take one or two courses at a time, which makes earning a college degree within reach even while working full time, raising a family and serving.

Here are five great benefits of taking online summer courses at LBC | Capital:

1. Save Time

Taking just one eight-week course during both summer sessions—the first summer sub-term begins in early May, with the second sub-term beginning in early July—helps students get to graduation even faster.

Think of it this way: A typical online bachelor’s degree program at LBC | Capital consists of 120 credits, or 40 3-credit courses. This is true of a BA in Biblical Studies, Business Administration, Communication, Healthcare Management, Criminal Justice and several other online programs at LBC | Capital.

For example, a prospective student named Joe is interested in the online Ministry Leadership at LBC | Capital. He previously attended another college for about a year and a half and has 39 college credits to transfer. Because Joe has been working and serving in ministry, he is also eligible for 9 Life Experience Credits from LBC | Capital. If Joe takes four classes each semester but skips the summer sessions, he will graduate in three years, or six semesters total.

But if Joe also enrolls in just one summer course in the summer sub-terms during his studies, he will graduate an entire semester earlier.

2. Save Money

When students enroll full time as an online student, which means taking 12 credits per semester, they enjoy a 15% discount off their LBC | Capital tuition. Discounts are also available for those who take at least one summer course per sub-term.

3. Keep Up With Courses Wherever You Go

If there’s one word most often associated with online college courses, it’s flexibility. Although LBC | Capital courses do have due dates for projects, papers and discussion boards, students can complete their assignments at the time of day or week that works for them.

Are you an early riser? Get in a couple of hours of classwork before the busyness of the day begins. More of a night owl? Work after the sun goes down when all is quiet. Weekend warrior? Focus on schoolwork after your work week winds down.

And during the summer, your online courses can go with you wherever you are. Just pack your laptop on a camping trip, beach vacation or on a family outing over a long weekend, and you can stay in touch with your professor and classmates as well as keep up with your assignments wherever you may be.

4. Be More Likely to Finish Your Degree

By taking summer courses, students don’t lose momentum in their studies and are more likely to finish their degree and meet their educational goals. Stopping and starting classes can potentially hinder motivation. Plus, some online courses, especially in the master’s degree programs, are only offered during the summer sub-terms.

Hear from one student about why online summer courses work for her.

As an adult back in college, taking summer classes helps me get to graduation sooner,” says Holly (’24), a Biblical Studies major. Also, taking summer classes helps me stay ahead of schedule in case life emergencies come up. I love the flexibility summer classes give me!”

5. Get Ahead

On-campus students in the traditional setting on LBC’s main campus in Lancaster, Pa., are also able to take online summer courses to help them get ahead in their studies. Enrolling in eight-week online courses, which are usually a full 16 weeks on campus, can help speed up the time to graduation.

Current LBC | Capital students can check with their Student Success Coach to see when registration is open for the next sessions of summer courses. And students who are just starting out at LBC | Capital can enroll at any time during the academic year, since the college’s convenient eight-week courses pave the way for multiple enrollment points. The next start date for online classes at LBC is always just a few weeks away!

To learn more about online summer courses, contact the LBC | Capital Global Success team at globalstudentsuccess@lbc.edu or 800.544.7335.

Learn more about the many online programs at LBC!


Learn more about the many online programs at LBC!


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