Future Health & Physical Education Teachers Look to Make a Healthy Impact on Their Students

by LBC Marketing

June 22, 2022

For students who love sports and love kids, a career in Health & Physical Education might be the perfect fit! Meet three LBC | Capital HPE majors and discover why they can’t wait to impact their future students both in and out of the classroom.

Cassidy King. Cassidy King (’22) was a member of LBC’s volleyball team and was named to the United East All-Conference Second Team in 2021. Learn more about Cassidy!

What I hope to do with my degree:

“I hope to teach health and physical education in any grade, but specifically elementary level. I would love to teach Adapted PE, which is physical education for students with special needs. I feel this is an area of work that takes much patience and grace, and I believe God has blessed me with a love for children with special needs.”

How did LBC | Capital’s HPE programs prepare you for your career?

“I believe the LBC HPE program has fully prepared me with the tools and abilities I will need for my career. From the first year I attended LBC, I was placed in internships where I interacted with children in the health and physical education setting. This allowed space for me to determine if I wanted to pursue a degree in HPE from the beginning. Charger PE4ME was another huge benefit. This was a homeschool PE program ran by LBC students, giving us teaching experience every semester at LBC.”

How does the biblical integration within LBC’s coursework help you to make even more of an impact?

“I am extremely thankful for the biblical integration that is woven into HPE. Teaching holds the important role of shaping young minds to be confident, independent and creative. Being taught by teachers that consistently show God’s love models how I want to teach my students. Even in a public setting, I believe I can show the love of God to my students and teach them principles that build character—principles like honesty, integrity and self-control.”

What was the best thing about being a student in LBC’s HPE programs?

“The best thing about the LBC HPE programs is the professors. Not only do my professors care about my success in the classroom, but they ask about me personal life. My professors have shown great love and support toward all aspects of my life. I am beyond thankful for my time at LBC and all the relationships that God has blessed me with through LBC.”

Like Cassidy, Camryn Horst (’21) found the mentorship with her LBC | Capital HPE professors invaluable. Watch a video below where Camryn says her professors were instrumental in shaping her teaching philosophy as she reaches her students on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Isaac Beers. Finally, Isaac Beers (’22), who will graduate in December with an HPE degree, hopes to one day teach high school or middle school health and physical education. Hear more from Isaac!

How did LBC | Capital’s HPE programs prepare you for your career?

“LBC | Capital’s HPE program prepared me for my career because from the very beginning, we were placed in the classroom environment and got lots of hands-on experience with teaching as we continued to learn more effective ways to impact students.”

How does the biblical integration within LBC’s coursework help you to make even more of an impact?

“The biblical integration within LBC’s coursework helps me to make even more of an impact on students because we learn ways to incorporate God’s Word into what we are teaching others. We know that God gives us all our talents and abilities, so we can teach that to the next generation and help them use their gifts for His glory.”

What was the best thing about being a student in LBC’s HPE program?

“The best thing about being a student in HPE is the relationships you develop with the professors and the other students. The professors care deeply about the growth and development of each student and really connect to each student on a spiritual, educational and personal level.”

Dr. Tom Randolph, a professor in the HPE program, says the job outlook for health and physical education teachers is positive as well.

“The majority of our students who graduate find a position right away,” he said. “Also, many of our graduates are offered positions before the completion of student teaching. Our program is extremely unique in that undergraduate students become involved with elementary students from the onset of their LBC journey. They obtain a wealth of experience prior to [their] practicum and student teaching. In addition, the faculty within the HPE program have extensive teaching and coaching experiences from elementary through college-age students. Our students are also actively involved in SHAPE PA, which is our state health and Physical Education organization.”

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