Minors Equip Students to Chart Their Own Pathways to Learning

by Madalyn Kiser (’22)

January 17, 2022

Posted: January 17, 2022

Minors Equip Students to Chart Their Own Pathways to Learning

by Madalyn Kiser (’22)

Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School has a catalog of minors and concentrations to choose from, giving students the ability to practically hand-pick degrees that are just right for them. From Business Administration to Music Performance, a surplus of minor options allows students to personalize their learning experiences and career path development.

Here is just a preview of a few minors offered at LBC:

Business administration students. 1. Business Administration

Students considering Business Administration as a minor would add a very versatile education component to their degree.

“All the Business Department instructors have worked in business and teach you the skills needed to be successful,” said Business Administration Professor and Department Chair Martin Sauer. “No matter what area of study you are pursuing, everyone needs some business skills—not only for their job but also to manage your household.”

A woman operating a high quality video camera.2. Communication

Communication is an evolving degree that changes over time but is always prevalent in any business, ministry or career.

“So many employers are looking for their employees to be excellent communicators, whether that is in oral communication with colleagues and clients or in written communication on social media and correspondence with key stakeholders,” said Communication Program Director Dr. Michael Freeman. “A minor in communication provides students from any major at LBC the opportunity to work with communication professionals and develop and hone their skills in these areas.”

A stack of books. 3. Literature

Adding Literature as a minor is a valuable option too, as it can positively impact how students read their own Bible as well as foster a love for the written word. “One of my favorite aspects of the literature minor is that it can often be worked fairly smoothly into the schedules of most LBC students,” said Dr. Geoffrey Reiter, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Literature.

Literature pairs well with Education and Biblical Studies majors because the minor can help students get more out of their educational experience. To learn why Literature is a beneficial option as a minor, read more in this blog post.

A person looking at the tablet. 4. Sport Management

Adding Sport Management as a minor is a helpful way for students to add to the understanding of their major.

“The Sport Management minor is a great addition to any major as it focuses mostly on the coaching portion of sport management,” explained HPE Assistant Professor Amanda Zuschmidt. “Sports is a strong method of ministry and is a universal language where graduates can make a difference in their community and reach others for Christ.”

Women reading the Bible. 5. Women in Ministry Leadership

Women in Ministry Leadership (WML) is also a great addition as a minor for women looking to cultivate and grow their leadership abilities. Whether going into ministry or entering the business or professional world, WML encourages women to lead others in a godly way.

Amanda Davis (’24), who has coupled her WML major with Media Arts Production, shares, “The other WML peers I have met are fierce women warriors for the kingdom of God, and their passion for the Lord is inspiring to me.” Check out this blog post on “5 Fast Facts About LBC’s Women in Ministry Leadership Program.”

To find out more about the many minor options available to students at Lancaster Bible College, click here and here to see how you can tailor-fit your college experience to pursue your passion.

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