Marketing Major Added to LBC’s Offerings

by LBC Marketing

May 7, 2019

Posted: May 7, 2019

Marketing Major Added to LBC’s Offerings

by LBC Marketing

In the spring of 2019, Lancaster Bible College announced the addition of a new undergraduate major in marketing, available online or through LBC’s traditional undergraduate program. Through LBC’s marketing degree, students will learn about relevant topics like accounting, finance, business law and marketing – all presented through the lens of a biblical worldview. To ensure that our students are well-prepared to enter the job force, students earning a bachelor of business marketing will develop a professional portfolio over the course of their academic career to showcase their blossoming marketing skills.

Online vs. On-Campus Degree

What’s the difference in the two marketing degrees offered at LBC? We’ll tell you.

ONLINE: The 100% online marketing degree is offered through LBC’s accelerated undergraduate degree program. Each class is just eight weeks in length – as opposed to the typical 15-week course length – and, of course, everything is done online with no in-person element or scheduled class time. Our online and accelerated programs are designed with the busy adult learner in mind who’s balancing family, work, ministry and going back to school. Additionally, we offer college credits for life experience to qualified candidates, which helps you earn your degree faster.

ON-CAMPUS: The traditional undergraduate program is aimed at recent high school graduates and young adults who are looking to live on campus or commute to school. Typically, our traditional undergraduate students are recent high school graduates or young adults who can attend classes during in the day during the week and some evening courses. Students interested in studying marketing in Lancaster Bible College’s traditional undergraduate setting will have in-person access to our top-notch professors, be able to participate in on campus student life – like attending weekly chapel services or playing on a sports team (pending eligibility) – and more. If you’re looking for the typical college experience, this is the right track for you!

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