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Bachelor of Science in Marketing (BSM)


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3 - 3 ½ years for a full-time student with no transfer credits.

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Study Marketing at LBC | Capital

If you want to work in the creative side of business or communications, an online marketing degree will get you there. In this program, you’ll get a practical application of the ins and outs of the business marketing world from real-life professionals. Thanks to the format of LBC’s Adult Education degrees, each course is just 8 weeks long, allowing you to complete online marketing degree in less time that you think. Plus, we offer college credits for life experience – that’s not something you see everywhere.

In our marketing program, you’ll learn about relevant topics like accounting, finance, business law and marketing – all presented through the lens of a biblical worldview. To ensure that our students are well-prepared to enter the job force, students earning a Bachelor of Science in Marketing will develop a professional portfolio over the course of their academic career to showcase their blossoming marketing skills.

This online bachelor’s degree is part of LBC’s undergraduate Adult Education program, which is designed for busy people as they balance working full time, family responsibilities, serving in ministry and more. Each course is taught in an 8-week subterm. Refer to the catalog link below for the engaging courses that are part of this bachelor’s degree program. Students can customize the sequence of their classes based on which courses are being offered and their prerequisites. This way, with the help of their LBC Student Success Coach, students can chart a class schedule that fits their stage in life for each 8-week subterm. To be considered a “full-time student,” students must take four 3-credit courses in a semester (16-week term).

Course Length

8-week courses

When Can I Start?

As soon as you are ready! LBC has multiple enrollment points per year, meaning that you are only ever a few weeks away from the next course starting.

Can I Transfer Credits?

Yes! If you have completed courses in other regionally accredited colleges or in the military, you may be able to transfer in credits. Read the transfer policy.

Get Credit for Life Experience

You may be able to start our degree path at LBC | Capital with some college credits! Life Experience Credit is college credit a student can earn based on prior learning. Read more.

Would You Like More Information?

Reach out to request more information today, and one of our admissions counselors will connect with you soon to provide further details and answer your questions.

Program Plan for Bachelor's

Marketing (120 Credits)

Biblical Studies 18 Credits

General Education 37 Credits

Marketing Core 42 Credits

Electives 23 Credits

View the Academic Catalog for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions and further details about this program.

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Program Distinctives - What makes this program at LBC unique?
  • Flexible Schedule: The fast-paced schedule allows you to concentrate on one or two 8-week courses at a time.
  • Life Experience Credit: Earn college credits from our evaluation of your life experiences.
  • Accredited: Earn your degree from a top-ranked, accredited Bible college in PA.
Career Paths

The marketing bachelor’s degree prepares students for a wide range of technical and/or ministry contexts. Here is a sampling of careers and opportunities this degree affords:

  • Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Account Executive
  • Digital Media Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Advertising Executive
Program Goals – In this program, students will…
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of prioritization related to spiritual aspects of life, relational interactions and their service to the church and the world. Specific skills developed will be time management, goal setting, resource allocation, vision, organization, drive and critical thinking.
  • Analyze and express information and ideas in a variety of appropriate means with clarity and coherence in written and spoken forms.
  • Master the key sub-disciplines within the business realm. Specific skills developed will be subject matter expertise, applying knowledge to everyday life, decision-making, problem solving and confidence in decisions.
  • Analyze their role in the world and work, following Jesus Christ’s example as their model of leadership. Specific skills developed will be driven-ness, working with excellence, flexibility, self-motivation and ethical actions.
  • Demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence in both personal and business relationships. Some of the basic features of emotional intelligence include delegation, collaboration, motivation and candor.
  • Apply the concept of maximizing God’s gifts in our lives. Areas of emphasis will be identifying and developing gifts and talents and balancing resources.
  • Experienced professionals will guide students through preparation and analysis of case studies. Hands-on experiential learning will be used to develop marketing strategies and then create marketing plans, execute the plan on a timeline and planned schedule, and assess the effectiveness of those plans.
  • Students will create marketing strategy, communication and ideas in a variety of appropriate means with clarity and coherence in written and spoken forms.
  • Students will apply key marketing disciplines with an emphasis on critical thinking. Skills pursued throughout this degree include Market Analysis, Financial Analysis and Product Management.
How Do I Determine What Courses to Take?

Each student’s path to degree completion is unique, depending on the courses you transfer into the program. The curriculum plan gives a broad picture of the required credits. If your transfer credits come from mostly one of those areas, you will need to take credits in other areas. The remaining courses you need for graduation can best be determined after reviewing your transcripts. With flexible electives, Biblical Studies requirements and General Education requirements, most students are able to transfer to LBC the maximum number of credits.

Credits for Prior Learning. Students can earn up to 30 Life Experience Credits, through the Credits for Prior Learning evaluation process, which will often reduce the time to complete a degree. The Life Experience Credit evaluation process is done after a student begins a program.

Our Admissions Counselors are here to help guide you in planning your course of study.

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