A Student’s Perspective: Online or In-Person?

by Christina Coder ('23)

March 4, 2022

(This article was written as part of LBC | Capital’s Writing for News Media course within the Communication & Media Arts Department.)

Online LBC | Capital communication student Christina Coder (’23)

In the current era of technology, education has never been more accessible. Students not only have a wide variety of campuses to select from, but they also have countless online opportunities. Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School offers both traditional, on-campus classes as well as online courses, allowing students to choose what best fits their schedule and location.

Each style of learning presents both advantages and disadvantages. Attending in person helps students devote more time to their studies, resulting in a faster track to graduation. It provides a hands-on experience and allows students to participate in the college’s many extracurricular activities.

“You get to interact with people more, in more unique ways,” said LBC student Abigail Baker (’25). Learning to work with a variety of people from different walks of life is a unique experience for many college students. While much of their education is in the classroom, many valuable life lessons come from living with roommates and learning how to balance a thriving social life with academics. For those who enjoy face-to-face interaction and look forward to the lessons it brings, the on-campus experience may be the way to go.

However, for many people this experience is simply not possible. “I am from Florida and a move up to Lancaster would have been a lot for me financially,” said online student Jessica DelGrosso (’23). “I would rather stay down here and work and be able to afford the cost of living down here while also getting a great price on my online classes.” She demonstrates one of the largest draws for online learning. For those with an established life in a place far from campus, online learning has opened a door to education they may not otherwise have taken part in.

The online program creates a global, affordable campus. Online learning is significantly cheaper and provides students with the ability to work on their time schedule. “I can work full time and be a student in the evenings,” DelGrosso says. This form of education allows adults to go back to school even if they have full-time jobs and families.

Both online and in-person classes at LBC | Capital provide students with a dynamic learning experience. Each student receives a quality education provided by professors who are devoted to ensuring the success of their students. Comparing the two approaches shows significant differences in how the program is accomplished, however both create graduates with a biblically-based passion for their chosen field of work.

If the desire is to spend several years building friendships and interacting with all the elements a college campus has to offer, LBC’s traditional undergraduate program may be the best choice. However, if maintaining an existing lifestyle is of more priority, the college’s online option is a great opportunity to complete a degree while not stopping life to do so. Whatever the choice may be, LBC will be there every step of the way!

(Christina Coder is an online communication student from Spring Creek, Pa.)

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