Communication Major Is Ambassador & Intern for ‘The Chosen’ TV Show

by Madalyn Kiser (’22)

October 4, 2021

Posted: October 4, 2021

Communication Major Is Ambassador & Intern for ‘The Chosen’ TV Show

by Madalyn Kiser (’22)

An LBC | Capital Communication major has an exciting internship with a television series working to spread the gospel. Noah Lynch (’22) is working as an ambassador for “The Chosen.” Lynch has been helping to market the show across LBC’s campus and promote events to spread the word about the TV show to students. Through this experience, Lynch is developing applicable skills to his career, building on real-life work experience and getting the chance to grow deeper in his faith.

LBC | CAPITAL: What interested you about the role of ambassador for “The Chosen”?

NOAH LYNCH: Myself and my family, particularly my sister and mother, are mega fans of “The Chosen,” so I wanted to be involved with it somehow. Also, this position offered the chance for me to gain experience in marketing and advertising to put on my resume, and a little more experience is always helpful. Angel Studios, the studio that made “The Chosen,” had “Chosen College Ambassador” as one of the internships for the Fall. I immediately applied for the position. Marcos Barrios, who is the head of the ambassadors and an ambassador himself, reached out to me and asked me to come on as an ambassador. I agreed immediately, and in August, I started preparing for my work at LBC.

LBC: For those who do not know, what is “The Chosen” and what is its mission?

NL: “The Chosen” is the first multi-season TV show from Angel Studios and Bread and Loaves about Jesus and His disciples. It is the largest crowdfunded media project in history, and it’s outside of the Hollywood bubble, which is one of its attractive qualities for me. It wants to tell a good story as close to the Bible as possible. It aims to be a quality show that’s binge-worthy, relatable and exciting for all viewers that brings Jesus and the disciples to life in an authentic way.

I should note that “The Chosen’s” mission isn’t to replace the Bible—quite the opposite—we hope to guide people to search the Bible and to compare what is in the Bible with what is shown on “The Chosen.” It is trying to portray the events in the Bible, not claim that how the show portrays the events is the correct version. Indeed, I encourage LBC students and faculty to watch the show and then read the biblical accounts portrayed.

Noah Lynch (’22) promoted ‘The Chosen’ to LBC students by setting up an information table at Homecoming 2021 in September.

LBC: What responsibilities and tasks are involved as an ambassador?

NL: My main responsibility is to raise awareness of “The Chosen” on LBC’s campus and to reacquaint students with the fully divine and fully human Jesus that “The Chosen” tries to show. My responsibilities mainly include posting on social media, hosting events such as watch parties, photo and trailer booths, and other events.

I’m also responsible for keeping track of all the involvement and the participation of the events that I’m hosting and reporting back to Angel Studios, so they can know what attracts students, what works better and what events/merchandise doesn’t attract as many students. (And yes, I have gear for giveaways!)

LBC: What have you learned or been able to get out of this experience with “The Chosen”?

NL: I’ve come to learn that often big things start small. In “The Chosen” series and in the Bible, Jesus focused on His 12 disciples and built them up before they went out to bring thousands to God. I should remember that it isn’t ultimately the numbers that matter, but the faith and impact that I have on that small few that matter.

Additionally, I’ve come to know and bond with more students here through my internship. Many more people have seen or heard about “The Chosen” than I thought. I’ve started friendships with some of those people, and I hope to grow those and my existing friendships through my internship.

LBC: In what ways has LBC prepared you for this experience?

NL: [LBC has] taught me to have a biblical viewpoint of “The Chosen.” As I mentioned previously, we don’t want The Chosen to replace the Bible. We want students to come to the Bible more because of “The Chosen.” LBC helped me gain that biblical worldview to see how “The Chosen” portrays Jesus and His disciples accurately. Is it a perfect representation? No, but I can see a lot of valuable lessons in the episodes, and LBC has given me the tools to see them.

Additionally, my classes in communication, particularly with Dr. Michael Freeman, Professor Thom Scott and Professor Jessica Whitmore helped prepare me for marketing “The Chosen,” knowing how to market it to a Christian college audience and how to communicate with individuals on an interpersonal level about “The Chosen.” I can say with confidence that I wouldn’t be able to do this job without their teaching, and I’m very grateful for their help.

LBC: How can LBC students get involved?

NL: Coming to the events is the primary way of helping, and encouraging other people to partake in our activities is also helpful. But if anyone would like to help me with the ambassadorship directly, I would deeply appreciate it. Also, follow “The Chosen at LBC’s” social media accounts [on Facebook and Instagram], host watch parties of your own and listen to every airing of the “Come and See” show [at 7 p.m. Thursdays on LBC Radio].

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