What Makes LBC | Capital Unique?

by Madalyn Kiser (’22)

October 11, 2022

Posted: October 11, 2022

What Makes LBC | Capital Unique?

by Madalyn Kiser (’22)

As you turn onto Eden Road in Lancaster, Pa., past the Lancaster Bible College sign, you can feel something is different. Whether it’s the array of voices communing together to worship God in chapel, the roar of cheering from the bleachers supporting student-athletes or the wise intellect of professors pouring out onto students, every aspect is perfectly unique to make this college LBC. And in varying ways, this distinction is true of locations in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., worldwide and online. Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School is where academics find their foundation in Scripture and where student lives are invested in to help create a biblically formed worldview.

What makes LBC | Capital unique? Take it from our students!

Passion For Christ

From students to faculty, Christ’s love is evidently displayed in the lives of the people of LBC | Capital. Student-led Bible studies, worship nights and Christ-centered student groups are just a few of the ways students get plugged into God’s Word.

“Both the staff/faculty and students have a true passion and desire to seek the Lord,” said Business Administration graduate Joe McNair (’22). “It creates a healthy and loving environment for everyone.”


Desire to Grow Together

At LBC | Capital, a community of support is evident throughout the college. Professors, faculty and students aim to grow together in their relationship with Christ and with each other.

Basketball player and track athlete Sydney Heller (’25) says, “The LBC community has a passion to dive deeper with Christ and that is made overwhelmingly known throughout the whole student body.”

Connected Culture

LBC | Capital is driven to a Life-on-Life environment where friendships and relationships are built, enriched and strengthened.

“[LBC] is a place where we can truly connect with people and the professors here are interested in our wellbeing and not just academics,” shared Communication graduate Lorena Naque (’22). “I chose LBC because I knew I could find a more personal experience here!” Professors aim to not just see students excel academically, but also in their personal lives as well. LBC | Capital’s environment leads people to develop real relationships to create a welcoming student community.

Character Counts

Whether in the classroom, on the field or with friends, LBC | Capital helps encourage positive character traits in students’ lives. Sport Management graduate Mark Cullins (’23) is part of the baseball team at Lancaster Bible College. “I feel like we have a higher expectation character-wise than the rest of the league,” Cullins said. “These expectations are implemented by the coaches and my teammates so we can help keep each other accountable.”

Here are even more comments from the college family who share why LBC | Capital is unique:

“Culturally diverse group of students and professors. What makes us even more unique is our faculty and staff are willing to share their stories and past experiences, so that lends for greater collaboration with one another. We sit down and are intentional about integrating life experiences and stories into our curriculum, which gives us a broader worldview.”

—Dr. Anita Gregory, Adjunct Professor

“Family-like Christian environment. The emphasis President (Thomas L.) Kiedis places on the heart as we do this work. Being intentional about this work steadfastness in presenting an uncompromised Christ in a compromised world.”

—Dr. Rhonda McClenton, Faculty and Student Support Service Manager, LBC | Capital – Philadelphia

“The (mission) of the college—to have a biblical worldview—attracts students to the school. Professors and faculty are very friendly like a family. They are always ready to assist you to discover your vision and willing to help and welcome you.”

—George Aboagye (’20)

“LBC is unique because of the Christ-centered learning community. Christ’s love is spread through and through on this campus, and I’m always encouraged by the love, care, encouragement and support I receive from faculty, staff and friends. It is one big family in Christ.”

—Grace Law (’22)

“The intimacy (closeness) between Christ and the educational process makes LBC a unique educational experience.”

—Jeffrey Bond (’22)

“The curriculum, courses and teachers are unique. The courses are all conducive to where the rubber meets the road as far as evangelism is concerned.”

—Pastor James Rousey (’20)

“(Because LBC | Capital has a low—1:1) faculty-to-student ratio, we students have the ability to connect and get to know professors, both inside and outside of the classroom. Also, many of the staff are here to invest in the students. While they have busy lives away from school, it is amazing to witness the faculty and staff who stay past school hours to involve themselves with student organizations and school events. These are the ones that make ‘Your Journey, Our Focus’ a reality and take away the feeling that we students are just numbers or names on a page.”

—Zachary Clemens (’21)

Want to get to the heartbeat of LBC | Capital?


Want to get to the heartbeat of LBC | Capital?