Real-World Ministry Opportunities

At LBC, students get to take what they learn in the classroom and put it into practice in the real world. That’s why we encourage students to take advantage of numerous opportunities for practical, hands-on ministry.

Christian Service provides ministry experience in a local setting where you will develop relationships and share Jesus Christ while developing your own spiritual gifts.

Journey Teams

This ministry teams travel all around the world, equipped to share the gospel and assist missionaries.

Compassion International Sponsorship

LBC also enjoys a unique partnership with Compassion International, whereby every incoming student is given the opportunity to be paired with a Compassion-sponsored child to exchange letters and photos, offer encouragement, and bring hope and love to a child in need.

Have you ever wondered how your life can make a measured, noticeable difference? Break out of your routine and think outside your world when you partner with Compassion International, a nonprofit organization that works to release children from poverty. Become a sponsor of a little girl in Indonesia, a little boy in Africa, or a teen from South America—you choose the child, and you provide monetary support and a lifetime of opportunity.

LBC offers to foot the bill for the first year of sponsorship; after you have your feet under you, take on the financial responsibility and privilege to care for a child in need. Send letters, send photos, send hope. You’ll find what you get back is far greater than what you send.

Internships & Practicums

Internships and practicums are a required part of the LBC experience, so before you graduate you will have real-world experience through our partnerships with local and global ministries and organizations.

From student teaching as an Education major to an over-seas trip to Asia as an Intercultural Studies major, internships and practicums are unique to each program and to each student. Though program requirements are uniform, faculty work with students to place each person in a position where their giftedness  and their career goals will be both recognized and utilized.

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