Social Work at LBC

A Closer Look at LBC’s Social Work Program

Consider a rewarding and satisfying career where you can be the hands of Christ to those who are experiencing challenges in life. Social workers work with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities, serving in the Church and society.

The LBC Social Work Program offers students a generalist practice classroom experience coupled with an intensive Field Education within a community setting. Students receive the knowledge, values and the skills in which to be launched into the social work profession. By integrating a biblical worldview within the classroom, students engage the head, heart and hands in preparation to serve others.

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A social worker gives care to an older gentlemen

Social Work Degree Options:

Social Work Major

The Social Work (SW) major is comprised of 2 levels of learning. Students in the foundational/knowledge years are first exposed to all the components of the Social Work curriculum in Introduction to Social Work. Additional foundational courses include Diversity, Policy and two semesters of Human Behavior and the Social Environment. Upon completion of the foundational courses, students are interviewed for formal admission into the Social Work Program. The practice/skills years include the following courses: Practice with Individuals, Practice with Families and Groups, Practice with Organizations and Communities, two social work electives and the year-long Field Education courses and Internship. Additionally, students in the Social Work major take a Statistics course and Research Design course. See the SW major curriculum sheet.

Human Service Minor

Students who are interested in taking a combination of social work and counseling courses, as well as pursuing additional electives are eligible for declaring a Human Services minor. Students would complete an abbreviated internship without the rigor of the Social Work Field Instruction. See minor details.

Meet Our Social Work Faculty

Social work faculty hold graduate degrees in Social Work and have practice experience in a variety of settings. There are 3 full time social work faculty and several adjunct professors. Each full-time social work faculty member is an academic advisor for social work students.

Our Program is Accredited by CSWE

In June 2020, the LBC | Capital social work program within the Counseling & Social Work Department was granted full reaccreditation for the next eight years through the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

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