2022 LBC Graduates Share Blessings, Testimonies and Gratefulness

by LBC Marketing

May 12, 2022

Posted: May 12, 2022

2022 LBC Graduates Share Blessings, Testimonies and Gratefulness

by LBC Marketing

Graduation is a special time for the students who have worked so diligently, for their families who are bursting with pride and for the professors who have watched students flourish. Here are just a few heartfelt words from Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School graduates who celebrated in the spring of 2022.

LBC campus. “Through LBC | Capital, I’ve learned to dig deep. LBC has taught me critical thinking to the point that it has broadened my understanding of how I am to study God’s Word. LBC has impacted my ministry, in that I am now able to equip God’s people to defend the gospel. No more surface teaching and preaching. Interacting with my classmates and hearing different points of view of the Scripture through our assignments has increased my knowledge of God’s Word.”

Veronica, Associate Degree in Biblical Studies

“I am beyond grateful for my professors here at LBC. They have not only taught me a wealth of biblical knowledge and helped prepare me for a life of ministry, but they have faithfully modeled what it means to seek Jesus passionately and with a hunger and humility I have rarely seen. As my undergraduate studies come to an end, I am immensely grateful for how God has worked through my professors here at LBC | Capital; it was their genuine care for their students and love for Christ that brought me back to study here from the other side of the world. They have challenged, guided and cared for me as I have walked through one of the craziest and most blessed seasons of my life so far.”

Finn, Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies

“God has clarified my call during my time at LBC. When I started school in 2018, I was unsure if it would work out due to prior health problems and very unsure what area of ministry God was calling me to. I remember sitting in Aaron Brown’s office trying to work through this. He told me, ‘You found the right house, now you have to find your room.’ After these four years, I have found my ‘room’ of ministry in camping ministry and helping kids see Christ amidst the wonder of God’s creation.”

Matthew, Bachelor’s Degree in Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Graduation ceremony. “LBC has really given me a better understanding of biblical knowledge. LBC has equipped me to be a better servant in my community and to God’s people. Being at LBC was an amazing experience. God has always opened up opportunities in my life to increase my faith and love for Him. I’ve learned to love His Word and have more compassion for His people.”

D’Mitre, Concentrated Bible Certificate, Online

“I feel competent and confident as I walk into the field of social work, equipped by professors that have poured into me on a spiritual, personal and educational level. I am ready to serve the Lord to the fullest extent through the gifts he has given me as a foster care caseworker. God has done tremendous work in my heart from the time I stepped on to LBC’s campus to my time walking for graduation. The Lord, in His patient grace, has been revealing Himself as a Father and a Friend as I align my heart with His these past years. Through this, I have gained newfound confidence in my heavenly citizenship that propels me to do whatever I can in this life to build His kingdom, whether at church, in social work or in the mundane.”

Lauren, Bachelor of Social Work

“LBC | Capital gave me the tools and questions to study the Word of God deeply, which has caused me to be in awe of God that is on display through His Word. God has graciously helped me to identify ‘the wall’ that has been hindering me from knowing Him in a deeper way, and His Word has been the source of refuge, healing, consistency and hope.”

Charity, Master of Divinity

“LBC prepared my future be allowing me to multitask and learn a biblical approach to life events. I have learned to learn into Christ more and more with each passing day and to never lose hope or sight of the one glorious day.”

Liam, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business

“I knew that God gave me a gift in music, and I wanted to pursue an education in leading His people in worship. The music director at my home church recommended LBC | Capital, and I instantly fell in love with the school. This school has such a close-knit community with faculty and staff that truly care about you on a personal level. The professors care about your relationship with God over your schoolwork and are always there cheering you on.”

Hunter, Bachelor’s Degree in Worship Arts

Graduation. “LBC prepared me to go into the criminal justice field with a biblical worldview and helped me build the Lord’s kingdom. God really worked in my life by allowing me to make my faith my own. God has grown my faith in ways I never thought I would be able to grow in either.”

Logan, Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

“Through quality education and experiences with friends and teammates, I learned so much about who God is and who He has created me to be. I gained clarity around what I want to do, grew a lot in my faith, and found encouragement and was challenged by friends and professors.”

Megan, Bachelor’s Degree in Communication

Through my time at LBC, God has worked on my heart of having patience through different seasons. He has blessed my family with two children while I have been attending LBC, and He continues to show me grace while I try to understand my evolving roles as a mother and professional. He continues to show me that His plan is much better than my own.”

Brittany, Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

God worked in my life during my time at LBC by providing caring staff that supported me and were always there as a listening ear, by providing me with a place where I could wrestle with different concepts and still be reminded of the gospel truths, and He also provided me with friends who push me constantly towards Christ.”

Abigail, Bachelor of Science in Education

“Because of LBC, I am equipped to go into my field of work and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with my students through my words, my actions and my teaching strategies. Because of LBC, I have had firsthand experienced the power of building positive relationships with students through the multiple ways that LBC’s professors have poured into me. Because of LBC, I have learned that being an educator is more than simply being a conveyor of information—it is being an advocate, a friend, a cheerleader, a mentor, a catalyst for discovery, a prayer warrior and a lifelong learner right alongside my students. Because of LBC, I feel more prepared to be an effective, compassionate, intentional and inclusive educator that is driven, fueled and daily changed by the grace of my Lord and Savior.”

Rebecca, Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and Master’s Degree in Special Education

LBC campus. “[LBC | Capital] has transformed my life in so many ways that I am just amazed how God will continue to use me in His kingdom. My prayer life, meditation life and walk with the Lord all have transformed. Through this great and challenging program, I am now equipped to go forward and do great things for Him.”

Pamela, Master of Arts in Christian CareWashington, D.C.

“[This] has been a very relevant, revealing and practical journey for the pastorate. I enjoyed assignments that resulted in customized resources to be used in my own ministry. i.e., leadership training, Hebrew word study, spiritual formation, etc. I gained the much-desired better understanding of Scripture and was exposed to spiritual disciplines that were unfamiliar to me. I also gained teaching knowledge that I could share with my ministry teams as noted in II Timothy 2:2.”

Tia, Master of DivinityWashington, D.C.

“In each class, I encountered new challenges and learned new things. I am proud of who I have become with the help of God, professors, advisors and the Dean. The skills and abilities I learned at LBC are being put to use in my church and community. God gave me the urge to complete my education as a result of the obstacles that occurred in my personal life. With God’s help, I was able to achieve my goal.”

Danette, Bachelor of Science in Human ServicesPhiladelphia

“For [my wife, Christy, and me], taking doctoral classes has been, unequivocally, the best educational experience of our shared lives. These past years, while working together to raise our two children and to maintain full-time jobs, classes have been accessible to us and have gifted us with countless kitchen conversations over coffee cups. Through the always supportive and exceptional faculty and staff, God has provided Christy and me with friends and colleagues in our cohorts, with spiritual growth and development, and with new personal and professional opportunities.”

David, PhD in Biblical StudiesWashington, D.C.

Degrees in frames. “LBC helped to better prepare me for my future as a community activist by showing me how to go into the community, how to engage and invite change and how to bring change to fruition. I am equipped to be a change agent of Christ. During my time at LBC, I endured many personal and private trials. Yet, in perseverance and my ‘nosiness to see just how things would turn out,’ God allowed me to see that ‘greater was He that was in me…’ And here we are, ‘The Three’ plus me!”

Beverly, Bachelor of Science, Community Transformation & Social Engagement—Philadelphia

“LBC has given me the education needed to have a biblical worldview impact in my community and globally. LBC has also equipped me with the business sense and savvy needed to help me achieve my business goals. LBC offered all I wanted in a school and much more. I am so happy and excited about obtaining my undergraduate degree at LBC. I am well equipped to make an impact in my community and globally in business and biblical worldview. Thank you, LBC!”

Yvette, Bachelor of Science in BusinessWashington, D.C.

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