Dr. Michael Badriaki

MAM Program Director


717-560-8200 ext: 5503

Dr. Badriaki’s current research interest are focused on the over one million Africans who leave in the diaspora, in particular African immigrants who have started churches in the United States. His previous research interests range across, HIV/AIDS prevention, pastoral theology & ministry, Christology, culture & justice, education, history, stereotype threat theory, orphan care, congregational formation, spiritual formation, leadership theory, spiritual leadership, discipleship, international development, global health, missiology, biblical studies, missional theology & church planting, politics and economics.

Michael earned a Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership and Global Perspectives from George Fox University, holds a Master of Arts in Intercultural and Pastoral Studies from Multnomah University and a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Concordia University. He has completed courses in politics, philosophy and economics at the Kings College and masters courses in Global Public Health. He is a graduate of Torch Bearers International and is a certified consultant in Cultural Intelligence from the Cultural Intelligence Center. He is continuing his PhD studies in Intercultural Education.

Selected Publications:

When Helping Works: Alleviating Fear and Pain in Global Missions


“I view my role as an educator as an integral part of service. I seek to ask the questions of: what, how, when, who, where but most importantly the why.” — Dr. Badriaki