December ’22 Graduates Share Testimonies of LBC’s Impact

by LBC Marketing

December 8, 2022

Posted: December 8, 2022

December ’22 Graduates Share Testimonies of LBC’s Impact

by LBC Marketing

Graduation is a special time for the students who have worked so diligently, for their families who are bursting with pride and for the professors who have watched students flourish. Here are just a few heartfelt words from Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School graduates who celebrated in December 2022.

Graduation ceremony. “LBC provided me with the knowledge, insight and exemplification of living out my faith in wherever the Lord leads. I got to learn from professors, staff, and fellow students the ways the Lord leads in their lives and hear the testimonies of His faithfulness. LBC was a place so special that the Lord used to guide me in His plan and develop relationships with His people, relationship that I will cherish for time to come.”

—Avery, Communication

“Something LBC has prepared me for the future is the idea of perseverance through difficult situations. Throughout my 3½ years at LBC, I have experienced countless times of discouragement and wanting to give up. What got me through those difficult moments were friends and certain faculty members. They talked with me, encouraged me through action, and most importantly prayed with me. It’s amazing how so many times we forget that God is right there, waiting for us to call out to him.”

—Paige, Early Childhood Education

“God has done so much in my life through LBC | Capital, but the major one is God has converted my dream of becoming a professional basketball player into a mission which cannot be stopped nor be destroyed. He has entrusted unto me something that no man nor powers can take away from me, and that is the proclamation of His Word. Above all, I have received the greatest treasure in life, which is the Word of God, and I boldly say that if anyone graduates from LBC with just a degree, he/she has wasted money and time because there is something greater offered here, and that is solid biblical worldview.”

—Frances, Pastoral Ministry

“I’m 58 years old (and) I started my journey at LBC | Capital some years ago. I started back in 2021 and was determined to finish this time. With prayer and God, I was able to finally finish. This is a great accomplishment to me—something I thought I couldn’t do. This is my very first degree. When I think about God’s Word—Jeremiah 29:11: ‘For I know the plans I have for you…’—His plan for me was to graduate and be ordained. God is so good! Thanking and praising God all day long.”

—Eunice, Biblical Studies

LBC campus. “My faith grew tremendously at LBC and more than I could explain. All the classes I took at LBC helped me to see my faith differently than I did before—in a good way and in ways that I can grow—and showed me Christ-following friends to help me stay focused and grow even out of LBC.”

—Jacob, Sport Management

“One of the best ways that LBC prepared me for the future was through the long-lasting connections and deep devotion from its staff and faculty. The intention and desire to see students grow is unrivaled, and this has given me tools for not only my vocation but to use the same principles in order to impact those around me through the love of Jesus Christ.”

—Matthew, Intercultural Studies

“LBC provided me with a strong Christian worldview through its Biblical Studies and Sport Management courses online. As I graduate from LBC, I am well-equipped to find a job where I can glorify Jesus and fulfill the Great Commission, to bring others to Jesus Christ. By attending LBC, I have a faith-based focus; I have received a great education, enjoyed a strong community, and have grown in my faith. As I was surrounded by my professors and other students who love the Lord, my faith has become stronger. I received a solid background in Sport Management that has prepared me to step into the future with a basic knowledge of the world of sports.”

—Elisabeta, Sport Management, Online

“LBC has taught me patience, perseverance and how to overcome adverse situations through a biblical lens. It has not been so much about the classroom knowledge but more so what I have learned via my interactions with fellow students, professors and staff members. It has taught me that God is gracious, just and consistent. These things I knew but became more and more evident the longer I was at LBC.”

—Cole, Business Administration

“God has always been too good to me. He helped me through tough times when I thought I wouldn’t pull through. When I thought I couldn’t finish because of being a wife, mom, youth pastor and working full time, It was God who got me through it all.”

—Christine, Biblical Studies, Online

Graduation. “During my time here at LBC, God has worked in my life in a powerful way—ways that I didn’t even see coming. God has worked in my life in an amazing way, in my church as well as my family and what makes it even more powerful is when you can see the hand of God at work.”

—Eileen, Concentrated Bible Course Certificate

“For years, I wanted to go to college but just did not have the time or confidence that I could do it. The first time I went to college, I did not do well because I was a working adult that attended in-person instructional classes. With the LBC adult online program, I had the flexibility to learn at a steady pace at any time suitable to my schedule. The coursework and classes have really expanded my knowledge beyond my imagination. I now understand theology at a different level and learned how to better understand financials and budgets so much better at my current position.”

—John, Business Administration, Online

“I pursued a second bachelor’s degree from LBC in 2018. God’s grace and a little hard work helped me to finish what I had started. Having been a part of a Bible-centric focused church at the start of the degree program, I had some preparation. While engaging with other students, God revealed a new level of creativity that reverberated in classes. Tapping this creativity to deliver the gospel message certainly influences my approach to sermon delivery and prayerfully transforming the lives of believers across the globe.”

—Kim, Biblical Studies (Philadelphia)

“Because of my LBC Journey, I’m better equipped to serve and lead in ministry and the marketplace. Each class and assignment has accelerated my spiritual growth and given me the knowledge, wisdom and tools to make a difference within a network of influence. But my journey has also given me the drive to learn even more! I’m a sponge that continues to absorb but also loves to wring myself out to share with others! Everything I’ve learned is meant to be shared! The result of this degree is I am a better leader in my communities of influence. My Christian worldview has been solidified in a way that I can’t even explain. I remember getting the books in the mail for my class on the Gospels delivered to my home, and when I opened the box, I cried because I said, ‘I get to learn more about Jesus.’ It may sound emotional to some, but that is what this journey has been.”

—La-Kita, Biblical Studies, Online

“God holds my future even in middle-age. Thank you, LBC, for helping me to reach my undergrad finish line with a biblical worldview. Thank you, colleagues and professors, with whom I enjoyed robust class discussions especially when encountering vantage points different than mine. I have learned from all of you. A special thanks to my business professors who gave insights from their area of expertise along with pro tips for what the current job market is like post-COVID. I feel as if I have received a priceless gift from LBC for such a time as this in a global economy.”

—Kimberly, Business Administration, Online

Degrees in frames. “God allowed me time to worship Him with my mind as I studied here at LBC. Every class pointed back to God, His sovereignty, creativity, logic, grace and love. I was given opportunities to explore topics I was interested in through the lens of Scripture and a biblical worldview. I’ve been challenged as I’ve studied topics such as gentrification, children with special education needs, underrepresented college students, as well as other counter-culture topics. LBC was a safe place for me as I walked through some topics more sensitive, such as race and diversity in my assignments and group discussions. I’ve seen God continuing to strengthen me for ministry through the assignments and introduction of ideas in my coursework.”

—Julia, Biblical Studies, Online

“As pastor of seven years preparing to plant a church, I know I would have done a sad disservice to the body of Christ had I not gotten trained at LBC. Thankfully, the Lord led me to LBC through the closing of Washington Bible College. Here I added to my WBC training a biblical vision for biblical ministry. Yet, towards the end of college I was confronted about undervaluing preparation in a desire to go and do ministry. That led me to pursue my Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, and with a deep hunger for more understanding of the Word, I enrolled in the PhD in Biblical Studies program. Now I am thoroughly prepared to disciple a congregation and equip other pastors and deacons at a higher level. I also handle the Word better and lead a congregation better because of Yahweh’s work in me through LBC.”

—Welton, PhD in Biblical Studies (Washington, D.C.)

“LBC helped to equip me more thoroughly for the ministry work I am engaged in as a founding pastor, church planter and with the global engagement work our church does in the West Bank. God refined me and established a deeper, more biblically rooted approach to the scriptures, servant leadership and the context He has called us to engage with the gospel.”

—Kevin, Master of Arts in Ministry

“God called me to be a pastor when I was in elementary school. It wasn’t until I became part of my first doctoral cohort that my dream was rekindled. I was encouraged to study the Scripture for myself in regard to my calling. It was then that I realized God truly was the one who put this desire in my heart, and he wants me to fulfill this calling.”

—Kara, PhD in Leadership

“One of the things that God has done in my life during my time at LBC | Capital is continued to grow me in my love for the Scriptures. In multiple classes, I was able to see the interconnectedness of various biblical texts in a new way that still causes me to marvel at the glories of God’s Word. Additionally, being able to get a better understanding of the original languages has introduced me to new depths I did not know existed and has challenged me to continue to grow in this area in my own studies in the future. As a result I have truly grown to love God more for how he has revealed himself in His Word. Additionally, I have committed to expository rather than topical preaching as a result because of convictions that were given to me during my time at LBC.”

—Josiah, Master of Divinity

Graduation ceremony“God walked me through becoming transparent throughout my time at LBC | Capital. I had to learn to share my testimony in such a way that would impact others to be comfortable doing the same and to walk in the purpose God has ordained for their life. It reminded me that my goal is to strive to be more like Christ, not living for approval from others.”

—Marla, Master of Arts in Christian Care

“It was a challenging but wonderful three years of walking in God’s wonders and miracles. Moving to the USA, I had to go through a few big life changes that stretched me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Every day, (I grew) in three areas; Trusting the Lord, the people and the system that God allowed. Many hours and days were spent on my knees for reflections and prayers to overcome the daily challenges that I face.”

—Byambatseren, Doctor of Ministry

“God has done a mighty work in me. My eyes have been opened even wider for those who need a Savior, and my heart has overflowed with compassion for the marginalized. The academics became a backdrop for God to use His ‘mirror’ to burnish my skills in preparation for me to address the world appropriately in subject matter and timing.”

—Wanda, Doctor of Ministry

“While at LBC | Capital, by God’s grace, I increased in both confidence and humility. As a student who was already in the counseling field, I realized that I had something to offer my classmates. At the same time, I quickly realized that I needed them as much as they needed me.”

—Adam, Master of Arts Marriage, Couple & Family Counseling