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Why Online at LBC?

We get it. Life is busy, and it's tough to fit in going to classes on top of everything else you're doing – work, family, church and more. That's why we've made a program that works for you! Our accelerated undergraduate online programs allow you to focus on one six week course at a time - and we even give credit for prior life experiences*. There are tons of benefits to studying online – you still earn your college degree from an accredited institution, but you can do it on your time. You can create a customized class schedule to fit your life, work at your own pace, there's no need to relocate and you still get access to the same great resources our on campus students get – like library, academic services and more. Depending on what life experience and college credits you bring to the table, you may be able to earn your degree in as few as 10 courses.

So what are our online programs like? Whether in a traditional, on-campus program or in an online program, we know that most learning occurs outside of the classroom. Of course, students read, study and complete homework assignments all outside of class time. Class time is partially for teachers to clarify concepts and also is often used to assess student learning. We use the online classroom the same way! You'll study the same material as our on campus students, enjoy the same quality of learning and have professor and peer interactions. What “learning online” really means is that class time is via the computer/internet - and not in a physical building or location of a college.

You'll still interact with the professor and other students in the course, and you will still study, write papers and read textbooks. But you don’t need to be at a specific physical location (like a classroom building) on campus at a specific time in order to take a course.

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Featured Alumnus: Carroll Briggs ('17)

Hear from Carroll Briggs about his experience earning his degree online through LBC's accelerated undergraduate degrees program.

What Are Life Experience Credits?

A life experience credit is college credit a student can earn based on prior learning through their life experience. A student can earn up to 30 tuition free credits through our Credit for Prior Learning evaluation process (see related fees). External documentation must be provided to verify the life experience. Talk to an admissions counselor for more information.

Prior learning credit must:

  • Be documented learning, not just experience or exposure.On 
  • Be college-level learning. 
  • Not have resulted in college credit previously. 
  • Life experience credits are only given to those who qualify.*

*LBC’s online courses/degrees are available to residents of all states and territories of the US under the terms and provisions of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA), of which LBC is an institutional participant, or through authorizations/exemptions in the following non-SARA states: California and Massachusetts.

How are Online Courses Delievered? 

At Lancaster Bible College, your online educational experience will be designed around learning in community with professors who are engaged in their courses and with you as their student - but instead of the classroom, you'll meet online! 

  • Our online courses, materials, and professor and classmate communication are delivered through Schoology, mobile-friendly learning management system.
  • You can access your classes and coursework anywhere, anytime through our online programs.
  • Quizzes, tests and homework can all be taken or submitted through Schoology.
  • Schoology also has a mobile app available for iPhone and Android.

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