Women in Ministry Leadership

Preparing women to work in a variety of ministry contexts.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts in Ministry (BA/MAM)

Study Women in Ministry Leadership at LBC

We are preparing women for ministry leadership. If you feel a call to ministry, leadership, and discipleship, this is one program you’ll want to consider. Lancaster Bible College’s women in Christian ministry leadership major places a strong emphasis on equipping women with the tools they need to be skilled leaders who disciple and teach effectively – wherever God calls them.

Today, graduates of this program work in a variety of contexts: in the Middle East among sex trafficking victims, admissions counselors at colleges and universities, as missionaries and ministry leaders in churches and parachurch ministries.

As a student, you’ll be provided with multiple opportunities to discover your unique design by exploring personality, giftedness, passions and talents. Leadership styles will be discussed that will prepare you to serve with men and women in meaningful and effective workplace partnerships.

Why Study Women in Ministry Leadership at LBC?

  • Practical ministry internship within a local Lancaster-area church.
  • Learn from women with years of experience in ministry.
  • Earn you degree from an accredited Bible college in PA.
Your Journey

Program Credits: 126

Locations: Lancaster


Bachelor Track:
Bachelor of Arts with majors in Women in Ministry Leadership
Four-Plus-One Track:
Bachelors of Arts in Women in Ministry Leadership and a Masters of Arts in Ministry

Here are some examples of internships completed by students in the past:

  • Camp Counselor at a Christian Camp
  • Pastoral Intern at a Local Church
  • Children and Women’s Ministry Intern at a Church


  • Traditional
  • Online & Evening (Adult Education)
  • Available as Minor

…but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. Prov 31:30

A Closer Look: Bachelor’s / Master’s Degree Option

bachelor's & master's degree track

Are you interested in eventually earning a Master’s degree? Why not get a head start with our 4+1 Degree option. Students majoring in women in ministry leadership may choose to begin work on a Masters of Arts in Ministry Degree while pursuing their undergraduate studies. This unique option allows you to graduate with both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters of Arts in Ministry degree in only five years.

Learn more about this track

Meet the Faculty


Esther Zimmerman, PhD

Church & Ministry Leadership Dept. Chair, Children & Family Ministry Program Director

“My heart is that there would be many more leaders who share God’s heart for children and are equipped to reach and disciple them wherever they are found.” — Dr. Zimmerman

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Sample Course Outline

CML 102 – Foundations of Ministry & Discipleship

This course will serve as an introduction to the ministry of the local church. Emphasis will be placed on the holistic integration of discipleship and spiritual formation principles. Students will evaluate models of ministry and develop a comprehensive discipleship plan.

WML 121 – Survey of Women’s Ministry

This course will introduce women to a variety of women’s ministries in the church, community and around the world.
Students will consider issues marginalizing women globally and develop Biblical responses. Basic women’s ministry
skills will be explored and practiced including mentoring, teaching and leading small groups. 3 credits

CML 202 – Teaching skills for Adults

This course has been divided into two major sections. The first half will present the theory of effective teaching through an interactive seminar equipping venue, and will be facilitated by online elements, classroom lectures, student interaction, and readings. The second half of the course will focus on the practical application of the theory in actual student teaching both on and off campus, along with peer evaluations. 3 credits

CML 210 – Fundamentals of Leadership

Building on a foundation of personal character development, this course will overview theological and philosophical
essentials for effective leadership. Students will learn how God has uniquely created them for leadership and how to
utilize strategies for team building, conflict management and leading change. 3 credits

WML 221 – Discipleship Counseling for Women

This advanced course will review issues and concerns unique to women. The content focuses on self-assessment,
understanding the impact of biblical community on personal growth and healing, and on developing the counselor’s
skills to respond biblically to these specific needs of women. Special attention will be given to role of counselor as
discipler. 3 credits

CML 421 – Balancing Life and Ministry

This course is a study of the tensions that exist in balancing responsibilities of ministry and personal life. It will address issues of life purpose, priorities, time management, spiritual rhythms and relationships. Specifically, the students will write a life purpose statement and examine their daily routines with the intent of creating a life of healthy stewardship. Principles of missional singleness and marriage will also be explored. 3 credits

SOC 322 – Significance of Women in Christian Culture

This course presents a historical and biblical overview of the women who played key roles in the growth of Christianity
and the church. The ministry accomplishments of women will be studied in light of the biblical truth and cultural
perspectives. The course will also examine the attitudes of leaders within the culture including the perspective modeled by Jesus. 3 credits

WML 415 – Leadership as a Woman in Ministry

This course will equip students for a leadership role in a church or community-based ministry. Students will learn
administrative and programming skills as well as strategies to vision, recruit and equip others for ministry. Special
attention will be given to understanding and responding with grace to the unique opportunities and challenges facing
women in a ministry leadership position. 3 credits

WML 450 – Women in Ministry Leadership Practicum

This course provides the opportunity for further ministry leadership experience under the guidance of a qualified
mentor. This experience will enable students to grow in their ability to lead a ministry, collaborate with ministry teams and further develop professional skills. In addition, students profit from the evaluations of experienced professionals concerning their skills, attitudes, and understanding. A minimum of 150 hours of field experience is required. 3 credits

A Closer Look: Women in Ministry Leadership

Rachel Marks.

Rachel (Norris) Marks (’05)

Rachel is the children’s ministry resource director for the Bible Fellowship Church denomination and has served in children’s ministry since 2006 at her home church, Ebenezer Bible Fellowship Church, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. But like most people in ministry will tell you, she notes that the work, though rewarding, can be challenging at times. “Children’s ministry, like any ministry, is hard!” she noted, but explained how her Christ-centered education at LBC helped to establish her work in ministry.

Careers and Jobs in Women in Ministry Leadership

  • Women’s Ministry Director
  • Director of Pregnancy Center
  • Women’s Health Counseling
  • Student Services Staff
  • Campus Ministry
  • Cross-Cultural Discipleship

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